Apr 17, 2021


Anti-Israel forces often claim that there are 2 million ‘Palestinians’ even though no official survey has ever taken place.

That’s one reason why two American Evangelical Christians went undercover, Joshua and Luke Waller, from the Hayovel organization, visit several ‘Palestinian’ villages and cities to investigate how many people actually live there.

One example is the modern city of Rawabi, built for 40,000 Arabs in the heart of Samaria. But how many people actually live there? The answer will shock you.

After visiting another abandoned village, the team headed into Turmus Ayya, a town known as the “America of the West Bank”. They discovered that “12,000 people claim this village as home, but less than 4,000 live here.”

Rich with townhouses and mansions, the location appears as though it came straight out of a Hollywood movie. Joshua Waller even got an exclusive interview with the city’s mayor on camera!