May 17, 2022

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The heir to the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, Hussein bin Abdullah, cancelled his planned visit on Wednesday to the Temple Mount in Jerusalem where he intended to pray at the holy site. The cancellation was made at the last minute reports Ynet.

In anticipation of his planned visit, arrangements were made and certain streets were even closed off for his convoy. Two buses from Hussein’s entourage already arrived in Jerusalem at 3:00 PM but due to the cancellation, were sent back to Jordan.

Jordan didn’t take kindly to the development and in response, denied Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu from using the Hashemite Kingdom’s airspace reports Israel Hayom. Use of their airspace was necessary for what was supposed to be a historic visit of the Israeli premier to the United Arab Emirates. The scheduled visit, that has now been cancelled was going to be the first time Netanyahu visited the UAE following their historic normalization agreement known as the Abraham Accords which were signed in August. While in Abu Dhabi, Netanyahu was also set to meet with Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. The normalization deal was initiated and led by former US president Donald Trump.

The prince was supposed to arrive in Israel via the Allenby Bridge. Aside from his visit to the Temple Mount, he was not scheduled to meet with any Israeli officials. The reason for his cancellation is still unclear but appears to have something to do with the joint security detail coordination.

Israel365 News reported that on Thursday, the Temple Mount will be closed to Jews due to the Muslim holiday of Lailat al Miraj and will not reopen to Jews until Sunday morning.