Aug 17, 2022
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Although ex president Donald Trump only served one term in the White House, his effect on Israel seems to have reached far beyond recognition of Jerusalem as the Jewish State’s capital.
Ironically, Trump’s successes were recorded by anti-Israel NGOs backed by the European Union.

41 herding outposts

According to a report by EU-backed left-wing NGOs B’Tselem and Kerem Navot, Israel solidified its hold on Area C of Judea and Samaria by establishing 41 herding outposts during Trump’s four-year tenure.

Former President Donald Trump (courtesy: Shutterstock)

An organized land-grab campaign

Area C is the region of Judea-Samaria that is mainly inhabited by Israelis but is also home to several Arab villages. The area is the current target of an organized land-grab campaign by the Palestinian Authority to illegally establish facts on the ground and populate tthe area. The objective is to prevent Israelis from expanding their towns and villages.

“You can see that in the last four years, this trend has become the main trend of land grab in the West Bank,” Kerem Navot founder Dror Etkes told The Jerusalem Post on Monday. “Most of the herding outposts have been established in the last four years during the Trump administration period,” he added.

Terrain for farming or herding.

In a report on construction set to be published on Tuesday, the NGOs claim of a new phenomenon where Israelis in Judea-Samaria established several modular structures at strategic points in Area C with a focus on using the surrounding terrain for farming or herding.

Farming and herding in those areas was prophesied in the Book of Jeremiah:
Again you shall plant vineyards On the hills of Shomron; Men shall plant and live to enjoy them. (Jeremiah 31:4)
And while his predecessor, ex-President Barak Obama pressured Netanyahu to freeze Jewish construction in Judea and Samaria. Trump took a far more hands off approach which seemingly enabled the prophecy to come to fruition.
The NGOs claim that the growth of the past four years was part of a larger campaign to expand Israel’s foothold in Area C of Judea Samaria in their report entitled, “This is Ours – And This, Too.”

At a Zoom event, Etkes spoke of 65 Israeli outposts that were erected in the last decade under Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s tenure. 24 of them were built to initiate new communities while 41 were built in the last four years that were slated for herding and agriculture endeavors.