May 14, 2021


Lebanon’s financial crisis has compelled many of the country’s military officers to resign and tens of other soldiers to desert the army reports the Lebanese Al Akbar news outlet.

According to their source, tens of enlisted troops, including intelligence agents have abandoned their posts due to the country’s economic depression.

Lebanon, as well as its military, is run by the Hezbollah terror group which is backed by Iran.

In light of the development, the Lebanese military has barred its servicemen from leaving the country. Additionally, over 16 officers ranked colonel or higher have submitted their resignation.

In response, Lebanon’s military has launched a fundraising campaign to help its soldiers who have been affected by the country’s financial crisis.

In September, Lebanon experienced a historic currency crash locking its citizens out of dollar accounts and sending swaths of the population into poverty.  Lebanese businessman and politician Neemat Frem said in a November 29, 2020 interview on MTV (Lebanon) said that the country used to be an advanced country but that now, it’s worse than Gaza.