Apr 12, 2021


The Israeli military anticipates that Hezbollah and other terror proxies will wage several limited rounds of violence, according to its annual intelligence assessment as reported in TOI.

the IDF believes that Hezbollah is getting more emboldened and that they are operating under an assumption that they can launch violent attacks on IDF assets without it escalating to a full-scale war like they previously assessed.

This development demonstrates a dramatic shift in the IDF’s assessments regarding its relationship with Hezbollah. The Israeli army has traditionally believed that if a conflict were to erupt with the Lebanese terror proxy, it would likely evolve into a potentially massive exchange, a scenario that both sides would like to avoid. But Military Intelligence no longer thinks Hezbollah is operating under that same understanding.

This means that the IDF must prepare for these bloody battles. And as that happens, the LIBI organization is providing support for those troops any way they can. 

This includes a wide range of cultural events, welfare, education, social and financial assistance, recreational activities as well as providing comfortable apartment living spaces for lone soldiers. 

That’s because the Libi organization believes that the IDF troops protecting Israel deserve the best treatment available.

Do you agree? 

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