Apr 12, 2021


A Jewish pilgrim on the Temple Mount on Sunday alerted the police of a soccer game that Arabs were playing on the holy site and reminded them that the Supreme Court ruled that playing soccer on the Temple Mount was illegal reports Makor Rishon. Instead of enforcing the law, the police took him in for interrogation and left the interrogation with signs of violence after refusing to sign interrogation forms.

The victim, who was guiding a group of Jewish pilgrims on the Temple Mount, demanded that a police officer present halt a soccer game that took place in the courtyard where the Holy Temple once stood. It should be noted that Israel’s Supreme Court handed down a decision that banned playing soccer on the Temple Mount.

Soccer on the Temple Mount (https://elderofziyon.blogspot.co.il)

The police officer refused to adhere to the guide’s request. At that point, the guide demanded to speak with his commanding officer. In response, the policeman threatened the guide that he will be arrested. Afterwards, the guide was detained and interrogated for 6 hours by the police.

At the end of the interrogation, the guide refused to sign interrogation documents and says that it was at that point, the interrogator became violent with him. Black and blue marks could be seen on his hands. Additionally, they held a disciplinary hearing for the guide which involved a restraining order distancing him from the Temple Mount.

During the hearing, they told the guide that the Jerusalem’s police chief, David Turgeman, was considering distancing him from the Temple Mount for six months and that he would arrive at a final decision within a week.

The police claim that there is a “real suspicion” that the guide plans on inciting and committing crimes that could ignite a riot on the Temple Mount.

The guide said in a statement that he stands by his request that the police “respect the sanctity of the Holy Site.”