May 15, 2021


Ever since escaping the Treblinka concentration camp at the age of 9, Miriam’s struggle to make up for lost time has been a lifelong mission.

After emigrating to Israel in 1954, Miriam got married to her lifelong sweetheart from her hometown in Poland and settled down in Jerusalem to build a family. After her husband’s death, Miriam was left alone but made sure to do her best to surround herself with her two kids and their families.

Being with family helped Miriam cope with her husband’s loss. And when that period was over, spending time with family it became a joyous ritual. Twice a week, each child would visit her with their grandkids. Things were looking up for her.

But then COVID struck.

When that happened, suddenly her kids and grandkids were worried about visiting her for fear of infecting her with the virus. This dragged Miriam into a state of loneliness which sadly led to regressions from the war. She has been living in an unstable state of constant loneliness since the pandemic kicked in and is struggling to cope with day-to-day activities that most of us take for granted.

Miriam doesn’t want to be alone anymore. And that’s why Israel365 is stepping up to keep her company again. One way the organization is doing this by delivering food packages for the holiday of Purim.

That’s because the Scroll of Esther commands the delivery of food to those who need it.

 They were to observe them as days of feasting and merrymaking, and as an occasion for sending gifts to one another and presents to the poor. (Esther 9:22)

And for just $25, you can provide a food-basket to a Holocaust survivor in need. To do this, simply click on the donation button below.