Feb 26, 2021

Israel365 News spoke with Virag Gulyas about her journey from being a belly-dancer in Hungary who admits she grew up as an anti-Semite and transitioned into the most ardent advocate for Israel and a “common sense activist.”

A self-proclaimed Christian, Gulyas was baptized but stopped going to church at age 16. Although a Christian, she was instantly labeled as an ‘Evangelical’ even though she insists that her love of Israel isn’t based on the Bible.

In the interview, she explains how her initial visit to Israel led to a long journey of soul-searching. Gulyas also relates the Zionist story to that of her home country of Hungary who like Israel, fought for their independence.

She reveals how her generation in Hungary’s role is to ensure that the Holocaust never happens again. Gulyas reveals her eye-opening quest from anti-semite to Israel’s biggest European cheerleader.