Feb 26, 2021

In an interview on Israel’s Channel 13, Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu was asked by anchorwoman Yonit Levy if he was bothered by the fact that US president Joe Biden hasn’t called him in “such a long time.” Seemingly unfazed, Netanyahu, replied in the negative.

Levi then asked if he thinks Biden’s refusal to call him carries with it further implications. Again, Netanyahu brushed off the accusation saying: “Not at all. We have a near 40-year relationship. Since I came to Washington as an ambassador and he was a senator from Delaware. There is a lot of common ground between us.”

He then implied that their disagreements over Iran and the Palestinian issue was the reason for the lack of communication saying: “But there are also disagreements on the issue of Iran and regarding the Palestinians” he added.

Netanyahu alluded that he would be better at protecting Israel’s interests against Biden than his political rival, former finance minister, and Yesh Atid party head Yair Lapid.

He was then asked if his sour relations with the Democratic party as well as ex-US President Barak Obama is the reason that Biden is distancing himself from the Israeli premier. Netanyahu responded saying: “I have a great relationship with the Democrats.”

“But my stance isn’t Democratic or Republican. Whoever stands with our interests, I am with them. And whoever opposes our interests, like Iran’s nuclear ambitions, which is a threat to our existence, I will oppose them.”