Feb 26, 2021

A new Scroll of Esther has just been published by Israel365. The scroll, was illustrated by the late terror victim Esther Horgen

The scroll, features forewords from both Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Israeli president Reuven Rivlin. Proceeds from the scroll go directly to the ‘Esther Horgen Park’ near her home in Tal Menashe in Israel’s Samaria region allowing anyone purchasing the megillah to help plant trees in the Land of Israel.

The scroll features commentary on the story of Purim allowing the reader to get a deeper understanding of the Biblical tale with the perspective of a Jewish Torah sage. An English translation allows for people to understand the writing even if they don’t read the text’s original Hebrew.

Get your copy while supplies last and donate to building the land of Israel for just $25.

To order your copy before the Purim holiday, click here.