Mar 03, 2021

Upon completion of their “beret ceremony” celebrating the end of basic training, IDF soldiers from the armored corps joined in singing the song “Ani Ma’Amin” (I believe) which is a declaration of complete faith in the imminent arrival of the Messiah. The song was, at the request of the soldiers, incorporated as a formal part of the ceremony. This song embodies one of the 13 basic tenets of the Jewish faith as interpreted by Rabbi Moses ben Maimon, known as Maimonides and by the acronym Rambam who was the foremost Torah authority of the 12th century.

Haaretz journalist Nir Gontarz tweeted a response, slamming the soldiers’ decision, saying:  “The IDF is gradually becoming the ‘army of G-d’ of literal Messianic Jews.”

When challenged on Twitter by one comment, “When will you quite your religious-phobia?”, Gontarz responded, “Just a few minutes after the religious leaves the country.”

The Torat Lechima religious military organization said: “The religious and traditional soldiers asked to sing ‘I believe’ at the end of the ceremony, and received permission from the commander. Haaretz newspaper response: Save us, they are Messianic Jews and the army of G-d. When religious people do not enlist, the left shouts ‘equality of burden.’ When they do enlist, the left shouts ‘religionization.; Because the radical left hates nationalism and hates Judaism. In this case, it comes together.”