Feb 26, 2021

A recent report projected that following a series of lockdowns and vaccination campaigns, Israel will finally be able to return to “normal” in just two months. The report, which was published in Bloomberg, showed that it will take seven years for the rest of the world to recover.

Bloomberg has designed the largest database of coronavirus vaccinations administered worldwide, with over 119 million doses given across the globe. U.S. science officials such as NIAI director Anthony Fauci suggested that it will take 70%-85% of the population to be immunized for things to go back to normal. Bloomberg’s Vaccine Tracker demonstrated that certain countries are progressing at a far more rapid pace than others, operating under the premise of 75% coverage with a 2-dose vaccine as a target.

The reported noted that Israel is the country with the highest worldwide vaccination rate. The data projects that the Jewish state will experience 75% coverage in only 2 months. The data also shows that America will reach that target in the beginning of 2022. The data also estimates that the world as a whole will take seven years if it continues at the current pace.