Jan 23, 2022

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The IDF thwarted Tuesday evening an attempted infiltration by terrorists via the sea. Five Hamas terrorists were spotted on their way to a beach on Israel’s southern shores, their final objective the Kibbutz of Zikim.

The terrorists were spotted while diving from Gaze’s shores and were stopped by IDF infantry who ambushed them on the Israeli shore.

All the terrorists, who were reportedly naval commandos, were killed in the gunfight that ensued. One soldier was lightly wounded.

In a startling video released by Israel’s border police, a surveillance camera caught the attempted infiltration on camera. Reportedly watched by a conscripted female soldier, the real-time footage shows the advance of the Hamas terrorists from the sea. The soldier quickly alerted forces and directed them to where the terrorists were active.

The terrorist gunmen are seen firing their weapons at IDF infantry forces and later running for their lives as an IAF helicopter opens fire on them.


Judging by the amount of weapons the terrorists were carrying they probably intended to inflict severe damage to the civilian population of the kibbutz and the surrounding towns.

All residents in the environs of the attack were ordered to stay in their homes and masses of security forces blocked off the area.

Earlier Tuesday, The IDF Spokesman announced that the IDF attacked a vehicle in which a Hamas terrorist named Mohammed Shaaban, 24, of Jabalya, had been traveling.

Shaaban was a trainer and commander of Hamas’s naval commando force in northern Gaza.

Two other people were inside the vehicle when it was struck, the IDF said. He may have trained the terrorists who made the failed attempt this evening.

Hamas Terrorists Infiltrate Israel and are Neutralized