May 13, 2021


Bob O’Dell of Root Source discusses his newly released book, “Five Years With Orthodox Jews: How Connecting with God’s People Unlocks Understanding of God’s Word” speaks candidly with Israel365 News on his latest book.

O’Dell speaks of his eye-opening experience with religious Jews in Israel saying that he felt “God looking down on this connection and saying- You know what? I like it.”

He adds that he believes God was going to help him understand things that he was “struggling with.”

” O’Dell claims that his experience isn’t unique saying that “It happens to every Christian who is willing to interact and have a relationship with orthodox Jews.”

The book was written with orthodox Jewish Israeli Gidon Ariel who said “read this book to learn the heart of a Jew.”

O’Dell reveals that most Christians have a preconceived notion about religious Jews that comes from the New Testament.