Mar 03, 2021

Israel is currently in its third lockdown. One of its limitations includes restrictions on civilians from traveling beyond 1,000 meters (1,094 yards) from their homes. This means that many organizations who have historically planted trees in Israel during Tu B’shvat, the Jewish new year for trees, are staying home. This includes the iconic Jewish National Fund (JNF), an organization founded in 1901 that is responsible for planting over 240 million trees throughout Israel.

But every law has its loophole. And Israel’s current lockdown is no exception. This is how Israel365’s Rabbi Tuly Weisz was able to fulfill his organization’s mission of planting trees in Israel on Tu B’shvat. That’s because according to the lockdown restrictions, travel is beyond 1,000 meters is only authorized for “essential workers.” To Rabbi Weisz, planting trees in Israel isn’t just essential work, it’s the fulfillment of prophecy as written in the Book of Isaiah:

It shall blossom abundantly, It shall also exult and shout. It shall receive the glory of Lebanon, The splendor of Carmel and Sharon. They shall behold the glory of Hashem, The splendor of our God. Isaiah 35:2

And so, Rabbi Weisz took his team to the Samaria region of Israel to sponsor and plant a new forest in honor of terror victim Esther Horgan.

Israel365’s Rabbi Tuly Weisz plants trees in Tal Menashe with Benjamin Horgan, husband of the late Esther Horgan (Israel365)

Horgan, who was killed by an Arab terrorist last month near her home in the Tal Menashe forest, was honored with a new orchard being planted in her honor. Rabbi Tuly Weisz and the Israel365 team funded the ambitious project and helped plant the saplings as well. This little-reported initiative makes Israel365 the only international organization planting trees in Israel on Tu B’shvat.

And although Tu B’shvat is the Jewish new year for trees, Israel365 fulfills the prophecy of planting trees in Israel all year round. They do this by planting trees throughout Israel in virtually every region from the Galilee in the north to the Negev desert in the south.

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