Feb 26, 2021

This week has been a disheartening week in America. We witnessed an attack on democracy.

We saw the leader of the free world fight for the rights of the American people for a fair election and then the fight of his life for a just trial to confront corrupt election practices.

In spite of much evidence which included rigged voter machines that would turn votes, votes from deceased people, votes being written in by poll workers caught on camera, votes being found in dumpsters, and much more….. it was not enough evidence for justice.

No court would give him his day.

In the midst of all of this there was an all out media assault on the integrity and character of the American president. The media was biased and refused to release anything but extreme liberal views.

It all played out like a game of chess.

The American president, who has documented more votes than even the former president, went to bed winning by a landslide, there was a ‘glitch’ ,and woke up the loser.

There was a united front to silence him and force him to concede.

The American people were outraged and there was  a great divide.

Then, the sitting American President was exiled.

He was banned from every social media source, emails, and television in an attempt to cut off communication from American people and his supporters.Then they began to starve him  of resources.

All the while, liberals were planning the take over.

It didn’t really matter how many votes he had because when it all began, the plan was to take back the White house by any means necessary. The speaker of the house declared that she would drag him out by his hair.

Much of the congress was uncomfortable because Donald Trump confronted issues such as Child Trafficking, Religious Rights, Corrupt practices etc that would not only affect the people,but the elite.  He declared that he would drain the swamp.

The swamp did not want to be drained.

In the end he was silenced. No public broadcast of a parting speech, no day in court, no accolades, no evidence that he existed except for his works. And on day one, the incoming liberals began to reverse them.

Yesterday the American President left quietly on a helicopter during the festivities and fan fair of the incoming regime who had tampered with democracy.

Some applauded the victory but many were outraged, some perplexed, then others stand in fear.

Fear of what is next.

Are they simply sore losers or citizens in search of a fair democratic process.

If the president did not have the votes to win, just recount and prove him wrong, or give him his day in court…..if nothing else brings justice to those who tampered with the votes of the American people.

Without real answers, I nonetheless have some serious and troubling questions:

What makes this any different than the revolutionary coup of 1968 in Iraq which dethroned a president and sent him into hiding? That event produced Saddam Hussein, one of  the most dreadful leaders that the world has ever known.

What happens when one party decides that  another party should be eliminated, when one party feels that another should be removed by any means necessary with the excuse that they are unfit?

What does it mean when that party’s efforts supersedes democracy in order to “liberate a people”? How can you save democracy by denying democracy?

What does it mean when one party takes upon itself the sole authority to eliminate a leader voted in through a democratic process but refuses to enact the democratic process to settle the matter?

Do you form a Ba’ath party, an Iranian Islaimst regime,identical in nature but founded on secularism and socialism?

Will one day we wake up to the revelation that “We the people” have been taken over by a fascist regime?

There are so many questions.

I pray for the right answers and that America is strong enough to heal her own wounds.

Will America recover from her trauma? Or is the America we once knew gone forever……

God Bless America.

The home of the brave!