Nov 29, 2021

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Several months ago, international humanitarian aid organization ZAKA announced the launch of their new website. The goal of the website is to show how ZAKA still focuses on Chesed Shel Emes (True giving) but has grown into an internationally recognized international humanitarian organization.

However ZAKA was not able to grow from a small local organization to an international organization without the love and support fromits donors….Donors like you.

ZAKA now offers special custom certificates for donations that you can send to a loved one in honor of a special milestone, celebration, or event.

How does it work? It’s easy.

Simply provide the name of the person you’d like to dedicate your donation to, along with the reason for the donation, and ZAKA will send them the certificate! It will acknowledge their special day or event and let them know that in their honor, you made a donation to this life-saving organization on their behalf.

You can learn more by clicking here.