Jan 19, 2021

Israel365’s Rabbi Tuly Weisz interviewed Benjamin Horgen, the husband of the late Esther Horgen whose wife was killed by Arab terrorists in the Samaria region of Israel. In the interview, Benjamin reveals details of the attack that were not reported in the media. Hear his story of a family man who returned from work to discover the unthinkable. Watch as he relates the aftermath of his wife’s grizzly murder to the story of Joseph in the Bible.

52-year-old Esther Horgan, a mother of six, was brutally murdered in an apparent terrorist attack while jogging near her home in Tal Menashe, Shomron (Samaria). The murderer has since been apprehended as Prime Minister promised that he will be prosecuted “to the furthest extent of the law.” Hundreds of family and friends attended her funeral last month. The Israel365 charity fund is raising money for her 6 orphans, 100% of the money raised will be donated immediately to the grieving family.