Jan 20, 2021

One day after Syrian state media outlets reported Israeli airstrikes in the south of the country, a website identified with Syrian opposition forces published an image of a warning leaflet ostensibly dropped by the Israeli Defense Forces.

Addressing the commander of the Syrian Army’s 112th Brigade, Basil Abu Eid, the leaflet notes that despite prior warnings he is still allowing Hezbollah forces to operate in the area under his command.

“You are putting your life and the lives of your men at risk to serve the interests of Hezbollah in southern Syria. What is Hezbollah’s role in southern Syria? What are its achievements in training the region and the military? Does taking advantage of the difficult situation of residents to enlist them in carrying out acts of terror serve Syrian interests? Does using underground structures and military sites to carry out acts of terror serve Syrian interests?” the leaflet asks.

“Hezbollah has brought destruction and instability to the region. You personally and the army in general will pay the price. Now is the time for Hezbollah to leave Syria. Now is the time for Hezbollah to leave the 112th Brigade.”