Jan 24, 2021

As Israel gears up for their March 2021 elections, new measures are being implemented in an effort to boost transparency in both the elections and the country’s democratic process. Therefore new historic measure has been put in place in Israel, possibly inspired by the unprecedented voter fraud discovered in America’s November elections.

Knesset Member Dr. Shlomo Keri (Likud) managed to pass a law demanding that all polling stations throughout Israel be assigned an observer with a video camera to record any illegal activity as well as the ballot counting itself reports Arutz 7.

Likud member Shlomo Keri reacts during the Arrangements Committee meeting at the Knesset, the Israeli parliament in Jerusalem, January 13, 2020. Photo by Hadas Parush/Flash90

Additionally, the effort to make the election more than one day, to vote in mobile polling stations and to count ballots after election day is over has been blocked as well.

The decision means that an observer with a “high-quality” camera will be assigned to all 13,000 polling stations for the entire day. The observer will record any unseemly behavior as well as the vote-count.

A review that all of the laws pertaining to the voting process were observed within 48 hours. This lies in contrast to Israel’s previous election where the election committee and even the High Court did not allow documented violations of protocols to be reviewed.

The bill also stipulates that by no means will there be a mobile polling station – not in nursing homes and not for corona cases in quarantine. Additionally, there will be no change to the voting schedule. Elections will be held on one day (March 23, 2021) and no ballots will be accepted following that day.

Keri added that “The upcoming elections determine our fate. This reform enabling cameras and blocking other changes will prevent voter fraud and will boost the public’s trust in the election results.”