Jan 16, 2021

For the second time this week, an Israeli man died mere hours after getting the covid-19 vaccination.

An 88-year-old man was evacuated on Tuesday to the emergency room at Jerusalem’s Hadassah Ein Kerem Hospital after collapsing inside his home.

Despite efforts by medics to resuscitate him, which were then continued by ER doctors and internal medicine personnel, the victim was pronounced dead by the hospital’s medical staff.

The hospital confirmed to INN that the geriatric was in fact vaccinated on Tuesday afternoon but emphasized that “he suffered from prolonged, complex, and severe background illnesses.”

This is the second alleged corona vaccine related death in two days in Israel. On Monday, a 75-year old man from the northerמ Israeli town of Beit Shaan also died of a heart attack just two hours after getting Pfizer’s covid vaccine on Monday reports News 12.