Jan 16, 2021

Israel’s most respected Rabbi, Rabbi Chaim Kanievsky, urged people to get vaccinated against the covid last week…Or did he?

In the video the rabbi was asked if “it’s optional to [get the vaccination], or has to get it?” He replied saying that everyone must be vaccinated to stop the virus’ spread. Rabbi Kanievsky is the foremost arbiter of Jewish law (Halacha).

But Rabbi Amnon Yitzchak, another influential rabbi in Israel explains that after learning of the side effects, the legendary rabbi reversed course. Rabbi Yitzchak took to social media claiming that after that video surfaced, Rabbi Kanievsky made an entirely different decree. He recalled the story of a man who wanted to get vaccinated but his wife didn’t want him to.

“His wife then showed him (R. Kanievsky) 22 side effects of the vaccine” he said. “He let Rabbi Chaim read it and Rabbi Chaim told him not to get vaccinated.”

Rabbi Yitzchak claims that Rabbi Kanievsky’s assistants were the ones who said to get the shot but that the rabbi himself said the opposite. He adds that Rabbi Kanievsky did not know about the potential side effects when he was informed of the vaccine from his assistants.

Rabbi Yitzchak accuses his associates of changing the ruling over time saying that what they initially said was that “whoever wants it and can get it, should. Then it was whoever wants it and is ready. Then Rabbi Chaim said there is no more corona at all. Then they asked him if it’s obligatory or a commandment.”

Rabi Yitzchak then claims that Rabbi Kanievsky’s helpers took the inquisitive man, who recorded the dialogue, and locked him in a room demanding that he erase the audio clip of the rabbi’s new ruling. He added that he had to be escorted out of the rabbi’s house under a police escort. He then said that he was eventually coerced into erasing the recording claiming that it violated the rabbi’s privacy as it took place in the Kanievsky household. It should be noted that most encounters of this nature with the rabbi in his home are indeed recorded and even publicized on the internet without any complaints.