Aug 16, 2022
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In a recent op-ed in the Middle East Monitor, Dean of Political Science at the Umma Open University in Gaza Dr. Adnan Abu Amer, lamented the UAE’s alleged foothold in the Temple Mount and more specifically – the Al Aksa Mosque.

In his piece, Amer accuses the Emiratis of having a “negative record” for selling real estate they acquired to a Jewish organization. He then went on to say that this development is reason to believe that the UAE will help Israel build the third Temple saying: “This raises the Palestinians’ fear that the next stage might signal the start of building the alleged synagogue with the contribution of the UAE authorities.”

Amer backs his claim with the fact that the UAE “already constructed a Hindu temple in Dubai and opened a synagogue in Abu Dhabi.”

The professor also says that Israel, with the help of Sunni Gulf states such as the UAE, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia is making an attempt to push out Turkish influence in Jerusalem adding that: “what angers the Palestinians is news about the Saudi-Jordanian support of the plan orchestrated by the occupation.”

Amer lectures on the “history of the Palestinian cause”, national security as well as Israel studies. He received his doctorate in political history from Damascus University. Amer has published several books on the Palestinian cause and the Arab-Israeli conflict.