Jan 28, 2021

When US Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Mark Milley visited an Israeli army base during the holiday of Hanukkah, he declared, “I am proud to be with our great friend and ally, the modern Maccabees of the State of Israel. And I take special pride to be here on the last night of Hanukkah when the light of the menorah burns most bright.”

During Hanukkah, most people like Milley associate the IDF with the Maccabees. However, people don’t usually give them presents as a gesture of gratitude. But now, one organization is looking to introduce a new tradition – giving a gift-card to an Israeli soldier.

That’s why this holiday season, the Libi organization is asking that you give a holiday donation to an IDF soldier as they protect Israel’s borders.

These brave men and women of the Israeli military leave their homes and families behind to fight for their country’s safety around-the-clock in harsh weather conditions with barely any sleep at all. 

Lone IDF troops are serving in the Jewish state and have no family to fall back on. Additionally, these ‘lone Soldiers’ rely on organizations like LIBI to help ensure that all of their needs are met and taken care of. 

That’s why this year, American Friends of Libi will be giving out Shopping Gift Cards to help the soldiers buy the things they need!

These gift cards can cover anything as trivial as workout clothing to groceries so that they can enjoy a home-cooked meal after sleeping in trenches and dodging bullets.

Now is your chance to show your support for those defending Israel’s borders. You can do that by donating to the Libi Fund now.

The holiday season is once a year. Don’t miss your opportunity. Donate to Libi today.