Jan 18, 2021

In what could be an error or an edit by a troll with a good sense of humor, the internet’s most informative site listed Israel as a member of the Arab League.

In a page on the ‘Economy of the Arab League’, Wikipedia summarizes macro and micro-economic outlooks among the member states in the Arab League.

All Arab league members are listed in a section called ‘IMF Outlook 2019 Estimate’. Among the countries listed is none other than the Jewish state – Israel.

Wikipedia page ‘Economy of the Arab League’ lists Israel (Wikipedia)

The article was part of a wider set of inserts called ‘Part of a series on the Arab League’. Other articles in the series include: Geography, Governance, Unity, Foreign relations, Military, Economy, Transportation, Culture and Demographics.

Wikipedia has been accused of enabling anti-Israel propaganda An analogy between Israel and the apartheid regime of South Africa has long been debated on the site. This is highlighted by new article entitled “West Bank bantustans” shows that Wikipedia is providing a wider platform for anti-Israel propaganda.