Jan 24, 2021

Rabbi Michoel Green, director of the Chabad Center in Westborough, Massachusetts, wrote a Facebook post suggesting that COVID is quickly becoming the new religion of the secular left-wing.

“As a lifelong student of religion, I’d like to point out the obvious,” Rabbi Green wrote. “Covid is a religion. Covid courtesies have nothing to do with science, but with religious dogma.

“That’s why facts don’t matter. It’s all about fear.”

Rabbi Michoel Green (courtesy: Facebook)

Though it may be difficult to prove empirically that COVID has become a new religion, it is certainly clear that the pandemic has hit the religious hard in a way that it has not hit the secular.  Public worship has been severely limited or canceled, religious schools closed, pilgrimages canceled, religious ceremonies including weddings and funerals as well have been canceled or curtailed, and festivals, normally a focal point for family and community, have been curtailed. 

“You’re entitled to your beliefs, and no one’s opposed to your excessive covid piety,” Rabbi Green wrote. “However, your religion has NO business affecting public policy.”

New York Governor Cuomo should have listened to this advice before enacting pandemic regulations targeting religious institutions. On Thursday, the US Supreme Court ruled in favor of a suit brought by Agudath Israel and the Roman Catholic Diocese. The religious groups charge that the regulations violate their freedom of religion, which is protected by the U.S. Constitution’s First Amendment. It added that their institutions were unfairly singled out for more strict limitations than essential businesses were, including food stores.

“You may mask yourself, stab or tattoo yourself, perform other devout covid rituals all day long,” Rabbi Green wrote. “You may also tie garlic around face and wear a hazmat suit to keep away all the covid vampires. Put yourself in a bubble and hermetically seal yourself off from humanity. That’s fine.”

“But the moment you expect ME to conform with your religion, you’ve crossed a red line.”

“Politicians and state officials have all converted to this covidian cult. They’ve entered the covenant of covid worship, led by High Priest Fauci. When they enact policies that enforce its fanatical dictates on everyone, we are in big trouble.”

“We are living in a dystopian theocracy of sorts,” the rabbi concluded, referring to a frightening society depicted in fiction, usually totalitarian and, authoritarian, and dehumanizing.