Jan 20, 2021

Dr. Sheikh Khalid bin Khalifa, chairman of the Bahraini Hamad Global Center for Peaceful Coexistence, prayed at the ‘Al-Aqsa’ Mosque on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem last Friday. When he was there, he did not reveal his identity out of fear of being attacked by Palestinians the JPost reports. Khalifa said: “It is unacceptable to prevent anyone from any religion from praying. This is a new form of terror.”

“No one owns the mosques,” he explained, noting that all Muslims should enjoy free access to their holy sites. His plan seemed to have worked as a source in the Jordan-controlled (Jerusalem) Wakf Islamic religious trust told The Jerusalem Post he wasn’t aware of a visit by any Bahraini nationals to the mosque last Friday.
Ahdeya al-Sayed, chairwoman of the Bahraini Journalists Association, blasted the local threats against Gulf Muslims as unacceptable telling the Post: ““These threats won’t stop us from going to al-Aqsa Mosque.”
“They won’t stop us from traveling to Israel and visiting any place we want. These empty threats are made only by cowards.”
“People have the right to go to any place they wish without being shamed” Sayed opined.
“Al-Aqsa Mosque isn’t just a place belonging to the Palestinians. It’s for everyone to visit; it’s a holy site. We have been visiting many holy places all around the world for decades. We never got kicked out, and we never got mistreated. On the contrary, we are always embraced and welcomed.”
In October, the Arab world was outraged after self-proclaimed ‘Palestinians’ from Jerusalem harassed and hurled epithets at a delegation from the UAE who were visiting Israel and went up to the Temple Mount to pray.