Nov 29, 2021

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In Pope Francis’s 150-page book, scheduled to be released on December 1, demonstrates the pontiff’s support for racial justice in the wake of George Floyd’s death last May.

He also heavily criticized coronavirus skeptics as well as the news media who he claims spread conspiracies. The book was written during the Vatican’s covid lockdown.

In segments of ‘Let Us Dream’, it seems as if Pope Francis is directing a message towards the United States.

Without specifically identifying the US or President Trump by name, the pontiff singled out Christian-majority countries where nationalist-populist leaders defend their nationalism from perceived enemies.

“Today, listening to some of the populist leaders we now have, I am reminded of the 1930s, when some democracies collapsed into dictatorships seemingly overnight,” Pope Francis writes in his book.

“We see it happening again now in rallies where populist leaders excite and harangue crowds, channeling their resentments and hatreds against imagined enemies to distract from the real problems.”

People fall prey to such rhetoric out of fear, not true religious conviction, he penned. Such “superficially religious people vote for populists to protect their religious identity, unconcerned that fear and hatred of the other cannot be reconciled with the Gospel.”