Jan 18, 2021

A new project is now taking place at Colel Chabad’s headquarters in Jerusalem in collaboration with the IDF. IDF soldiers from the Home Front Command are helping the charitable organization pack food packages and other treats and are sending them directly to patients and those in quarantine.


Every morning, the Home Front Command troops meet up with volunteers from the Colel Chabad organization. They then package the food and deliver the items directly to people’s residences throughout Jerusalem. Colel Chabad operates in full cooperation with the local municipal services. Along with the quarantined and even those who tested positive, the packages are also delivered to both the elderly as well as Holocaust survivors. Before the Corona lockdown, these people would arrive daily to dine at the organization’s soup kitchens..

“We get up in the morning and come here to a packaging plant,” says Saar Vilnai, commander of the Alon battalion of the Home Front Command. “We pack packages and then distribute them to corona patients and those in home quarantine throughout Jerusalem.”


“What started as a small pilot project in Jerusalem turned out to be a huge success,” he told Ynet. “We deliver to civilians who can’t stop showering us with appreciation which gives our lives meaning,” he said.


To donate to Colel Chabad, and help fund the distribution of food to people in Jerusalem who need it, simply click on the image below.