04 Dec, 2020

In a highly controversial tweet, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s son Yair, lamented the fate of the right-wing in Israel.

A disturbing realization

Yair Netanyahu wrote on his Twitter account: “Today, I was forced to realize something very disturbing. Even if Israel’s right-wing enjoys 90 mandates, and the left had just 5, they would still control us and oppress us without hesitation. We (conservatives) have an attitude of slaves while they have one of slave-masters. In the Biblical context, we need to wait until the old generation of slaves passes for a new and young generation that “did not know Egypt.”

Yair Netanyahu (courtesy: screenshot)

A Biblical reference

The outspoken son of the Prime Minister was referring to the generation of Israelite in the desert who God chastised in the Book of Numbers for their lack of faith and were culpable in the the sin of the spies.

Your children who, you said, would be carried off—these will I allow to enter; they shall know the land that you have rejected. (Numbers 14:31)

According to the sages, the reason God wouldn’t allow the generation of Israelites who left Egypt into the land he promised them was because their minds were still polluted with a slave-like mentality from their bondage in Egypt. Therefore, God decreed that they wouldn’t earn the privilege of entering the land and would instead, be left to die out in the wilderness.

A new generation of Israelites to emerge

The Israelites had to wait for the new generation of Israelites to emerge in order to enter the land. This is the main reason why it took 40 years for the Jewish people to reach Israel. The only exceptions of the ‘Egypt generation’ that were allowed to enter Israel were Joshua and Caleb.

Netanyahu may be referring to Israel’s deep state, who the Prime Minister himself said is trying to overthrow him as Israel’s democratically elected leader. But the prevailing sentiment among many in Israel’s right-wing camp is that although the seemingly right-wing leader Netanyahu is continuously elected democratically, the actual policies that are executed appear to be coming from the left.