Aug 13, 2022
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Egyptian MP and PA TV host:

  • “Teach your children that regardless of what happens, the Zionist entity will come to an end”
  • Israeli settlements are “satanic”

Although Israel signed a peace treaty with Egypt decades ago, one Egyptian member of Parliament rejects outright Israel’s right to exist. Talking to viewers during a news broadcast on official PA TV (where he also hosts his own program), Mustafa Bakri demonized Israel, assuring viewers that Israel will be destroyed, or in his words – that “the Zionist entity will come to an end.” These ideologies he recommended that viewers teach their children:

Egyptian MP and official PA TV host Mustafa Bakri: “[I say to] every Arab person: Teach your children that Palestine is Arab, that Jerusalem is Arab, and that the enemy who occupied this land will not be able to continue doing so. Teach your children that the settlements are a satanic act whose fundamental goal is to destroy the land and take control of it… Teach your children that regardless of what happens, the Zionist entity will come to an end.”

[Official PA TV News, Oct. 30, 2020]

This Egyptian MP’s message isn’t at all different from the PA’s message to Palestinians in general. Palestinian Media Watch has documented that Palestinian kids are taught this exact message. The popular PA TV children’s host Walaa Al-Battat even recorded a music video in which she promises that Israel “will disappear.”

The PA’s continued refusal to accept Israel’s right to exist remains the fundamental impediment to peace.

Egyptian MP Mustafa Bakri is also a TV host in Egypt and also hosts the program on official PA TV called With Mustafa Bakri.

Reprinted with author’s permission from Palestinian Media Watch