Nov 28, 2021

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Israel’s Ministry of Strategic Affairs released a report on Wednesday titled “Manipulating Social Media”. The report revealed the presence of thousands of anti-Israel posts from Bot – Troll Networks geared to “Influence Israeli Policy.”

The study was conducted between June and August earlier this year, when the Hague (ICC) began deliberating about investigating Israel and discussions of expanding Israeli sovereignty were on the table. The investigation examined over 250 social media accounts, in which 70% of them (170) were found to be considered inauthentic. The hashtags they were recorded using include: #ICC4Israel, #ICCPalestine and #StopAnnexation.

“The findings indicate an organized and coordinated effort to influence public opinion against Israel” a statement from the Ministry of Strategic Affairs said. “As part of their campaign, anti-Israel activists are artificially inflating anti-Israel discourse on social media to instill the appearance of widespread popular support for their cause.”