Feb 26, 2021

A pro-Trump event in the Biblical heartland highlighted the unbreakable connection between the US president and Israel. 

Event in Barkan: “If You Care About the Bible Land, Vote For Trump”

Yossi Dagan, the head of the regional council of the Shomron (Samaria), spoke at a special media event emphasizing the connection between the Biblical heartland and President Donald Trump. The event was held in the town of Barkan in Samaria on Monday. 

“Trump has done amazing things for Israel and the Jewish people in the last four years,” the J-Post quoted Dagan as saying. “If you want to help the Jewish people to build our homeland, the Bible Land here in Judea and Samaria, you must vote for Donald Trump, a real friend of the State of Israel.”

“We remember the eight terrible years of the Obama and Biden administration,” he said. “We remember the building freeze, the vote against Israel in the United Nations. We do not want to see this again. Everyone who loves and cares about Israel, Jews and Christians, if you care about us, the Jewish people in Judea and Samaria, go out and vote for President Donald Trump.”

Marc Zell, a co-organizer of the event and the chairman of Republicans Overseas Israel, emphasized that the Republican party in general and President Trump in particular are strongly dedicated to Israel. 

“We held the pro-Trump event in Samaria because of his connection to the land of Israel,” Zell told Israel 365 News. “So many of the Biblical events took place in Judea and Samaria.”

“We appreciate that the current administration declared unequivocally that the Jewish people have a right to live and settle and prosper all throughout the land, especially in the Biblical heartland.”

“It is clear that a vote for President Trump is a vote for the Biblical land.”

Biden: A Platform Entirely Against Israel

Though Biden used to be a strong supporter of Israel, as vice president under Barack Obama, Biden was a strong proponent of the Iran nuclear deal that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu considers an existential threat to Israel. Biden is also an opponent of Jews being allowed to settle in Judea and Samaria. He has voiced strong opposition to Israel expressing sovereignty over these Biblical regions. He opposed moving the US Embassy to Jerusalem though he has said that he would not move it back to Tel Aviv. He has stated that he would re-open the US consulate in East Jerusalem “to engage the Palestinians.” He also supports the creation of a Palestinian state inside the borders of Israel as “the only way to truly guarantee Israel’s long-term security.” 

Though Barkan was established in 1981 and is not mentioned in the Bible, an archeological site east of the town contains remnants of an Israelite settlement during the time of the first and second temples.