Jan 18, 2021

During a call with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Friday, President Donald Trump proposed the idea of a regional peace treaty with Israel that even includes long-time nemesis – Iran.

Trump’s optimism about Mid-east peace

During the call in which members of the press were present, Trump discussed the numerous normalization agreements he forged between Israel and Muslim countries in the Middle East and North Africa saying that in the end “Iran maybe will become a member of this whole thing.”

Trump acknowledged that the current regime in Tehran cannot be involved in the historic Abraham Accords in its current state saying: “Someday I’d love to help Iran. I’d love to get Iran back on track. Their GDP went down 27 percent. They’ve gone from a rich country to a poor country in a period of three years and I’d love to get them back on track. They just can’t have nuclear weapons. And so you know nuclear weapons, and it’s always “death to Israel.” That’s all they shout is “death to Israel” so they can’t have nuclear weapons.

Not any deal but rather THAT deal

The commander in chief then discussed the notion of normalization between Iran and Israel with Netanyahu. Netanyahu then reminded the president that Jerusalem was not necessarily against any deal with Iran but rather the one that then-president Obama proposed. “I didn’t say I was opposed to any deal. I said I was opposed to that deal” Netanyahu reiterated. He added that if a different deal would be offered “it would be welcome.” Netanyahu also warned Trump not to be soft saying “If you’re soft on Iran, you’re not going to get peace with Iran.” He added that such a deal could only happen if Tehran “faces strong opposition to its aggression.” Netanyahu then credited Trump with doing just that.

When everybody is unified

“When everybody is unified, and this is all done and it won’t be in a long period of time, Iran will be in some way involved” said Trump adding that “they’re tired of fighting too.” He also called Iranians “great people.” Trump also predicts that if he wins the election, Iran will be “the first” country to call him to make a deal.