Oct 19, 2021

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The well-known Israeli Arab vlogger Nuseir Yassin, more commonly known as ‘Nas Daily,’ found himself to be the target of an Al-Jazeera smear campaign. The Qatari-run news network tried to ‘expose’ Yassin as a type of Israeli agent who is “training people to love Israel.”

Denying the allegations, Yassin went on the offensive releasing a video exposing Al-Jazeera’s ties to the government of Qatar and even comparing them to government-run CCTV new station in China. He demonstrated how the popular Arabic network engages in double-speak saying one thing in Arabic and often the complete opposite in English. For example, Yassin reveals that in their English publication, Al-Jazeera commemorates the Holocaust. But in Arabic, Al-Jazeera questions if the Holocaust even took place. “It’s two stories for two different audiences.”

Yassin concludes by blaming the network for ruining journalism by propagating “fake news.”