Oct 01, 2022
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At the fourth annual Christian Media Summit on Sunday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu praised Christian support for Israel saying: “Your friendship and support is greatly appreciated – enormously appreciated.”

The premier also discussed his newly negotiated Peace Deal between Israel and the UAE as well as Bahrain explaining that the Trump brokered normalization deal will “bring us the blessings of peace.”

He added that he signed the accords “as a proud son of the Jewish people.”

“If anyone has been there, all along through thick and thin, it’s you” Netanyahu stated. “You have understood the historical imperative, this great odyssey of the Jewish people coming back to their land, building up their state, rebuilding their capacity to create and defend their present and their future.”

“You have been extraordinary friends. You have been extraordinary champions of the land of Israel and the Jewish people and extraordinary champions of the truth.”

Netanyahu concluded his address saying: “Keep raising the torch of truth because sooner or later, everyone will see it.”