Jan 23, 2021

A Muslim Bedouin unit in the IDF who trains on the same base as Jewish Israeli units initiated a brawl on Sunday while waiting on line to enter the mess hall according to N12. One of the Bedouins went so far as to load his weapon during the incedent.

The event took place at the Har Keren training base in Israel’s south. Seven of those involved were evacuated to the Soroka-University Medical Center in Beersheba. They sustained light injuries while the remaining were treated in the camp’s infirmary.

One of the NCO’s who witnessed the melee told N12 that “in all my years in the IDF, I have never seen such a disheartening event.”
An IDF spokesman said in a statement that the Military Police have opened an investigation into the fight in which the report on the loading of the weapon will also be looked into.