Aug 17, 2022
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Is Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdoğan going to sway a future Palestinian Authority election in favor of Hamas? Arabic journalist Khaled Abu Toameh seems to think so.

Can Turkey be a fair observer?

The development comes after PA president Mahmoud Abbas asked Turkey to monitor a future election in the ‘Palestinian’ Authority between Abbas’ Fatah faction and Hamas, who receives backing by Turkey.

Many are scratching their heads at the notion of Abbas assuming that Turkey can serve as a fair election observer after Erdogan has been accused of rigging the elections in his favor in Turkey. Furthermore, Turkey is now the biggest backer of the Hamas terrorist regime even boasting an operations headquarters in Istanbul. Another report revealed that Erdogan gave passports to a dozen members of Hamas in Turkey’s biggest city.

Muslim Brotherhood ruling over Judea-Samaria?

Toameh writes that “Abbas is advancing Turkey’s mission of replacing his regime with a Muslim Brotherhood-led government.”

This potential agenda complements Erdogan’s recent statement claiming that Jerusalem belongs to Turkey. Ankara’s incursions into Lybia and Syria appear to coincide with the Turkish president’s aspirations to re-establish the Ottoman Empire in the Middle East. The PA controlled regions of Judea-Samaria and even the Eastern areas of Jerusalem in a potential future Peace Deal could now be well within Erdogan’s reach.