23 Oct, 2020

Many eyebrows were raised after the Jewish Democratic Council of America released a commercial comparing President Trump to Adolf Hitler.

With a split screen of 1930s Europe and current day America, the as implicitly accuses Trump of usiing “hatred and nationalism to divide their people.” The ad goes on to claim that the rise in anti-antisemitism and “white nationalism” in America not only means that “we are all less secure” but also that it’s “time to show that we’ve learned from the darkest moments in history.”

The ad then cuts to a split-screen of Trump and 1930s Europe showing antisemitic vandalism from the infamous pogroms.

The commercial received a flurry of condemnation from Jewish leaders on social media.

Editor of the online Jewish magazine Algemeiner Dovid Efune took to Twitter blasting the group saying: “Love or hate @realDonaldTrump, this ad is just vile. How many times can it be said that the Holocaust is NOT a campaign prop? Nazi Germany is not a talking point. Hitler and Goebbels are not political foils. The memory of the 6 million is sacred. This ad is a desecration.”

The American Jewish Committee (AJC) also condemned the commercial saying: “The problem of antisemitism in the U.S. is grave. Offensive comparisons between 2020 America and 1930’s Germany distract from the urgent need to fight Jew-hatred. They also trivialize the memories of both victims and survivors. @USJewishDems, take down this ad immediately.”

Even Jewish Liberals took offense to the ad: