23 Oct, 2020

Is the nation of Israel starting to experience the downside of the Abraham Accords? That is a possibility as harsher measures against Jews trying to make their pilgrimage to the Temple Mount have recently been enacted by the police.

One of the new regulations requires that no Jewish Israeli be allowed to enter the Temple Mount unless they live 1,000 meters (1,094 yards) from the holy site. The reason they give is that as the new lockdown restrictions dictate, one may not go beyond 1,000 meters from their home. However this is not being enforced at any other site in Israel – including the Western Wall. It is only being enforced on the Temple Mount.

Additionally, Jewish tour guides who work for the Temple Mount Foundation are not being allowed to lead groups on the Temple Mount as the police have deemed them to be non-essential workers. This despite the fact that the Muslim equivalent – the Wakf, are allowed to work on the Temple Mount. According to the lockdown regulations, only essential workers or protesters are allowed to leave the 1,000 radius however the police seem to have the freedom to enforce these regulations at their discretion.

On Monday, Israel365 News reported on a man who was brutally arrested by the police for trying to blow a shofar on the Temple Mount during Rosh Hashanah.