Nov 29, 2021

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The BBC ran a hit piece against Russian/Israeli oligarch and owner of the Chelsea Football Club Roman Abramovich after it was discovered that he is the biggest backer of of Jewish cultural rejuvenation in the eastern side of Jerusalem.

Although the BBC tried to paint the organization that he donates to – Elad, as ‘occupiers’, Rabbi Yishai Fleisher turned the expose into some positive PR for Judeans and thanked Abramovich for his generosity saying: ” Thank you Roman Abramovich for your support for Jewish rights in Jerusalem and Judea!! And thanks to this media coverage, more donors will come forward to help the avant-garde of Zionism.”

Roman Abramovich is a Russian-Jewish billionaire and has exercised his right under Israeli law to immigrate to Israel on Aliyah. He is the owner of Chelsea football club.