27 Oct, 2020

Middle East Correspondent for ABC News Eric Tlozek reported on the rockets being fired into Israel by Hamas on Tuesday during the signing of the historic Abraham Accords.

During his broadcast, Tlozek said that “there was a couple of rockets fired that were “largely symbolic.”  The reporter noted that Hamas “timed it to show they oppose the deal.”

However those rockets may not have been so “symbolic” for the two Israeli civilians who were injured by them. One of the victims was 62-year old Asher Massoud Biton who is listed in serious condition after being hit with shrapnel.

He then inaccurately called Israel’s “military occupation” of Judea and Samaria the “world’s longest.” This is factually incorrect. That’s because aside from the fact that Israeli presence in its God-given homeland of Judea and Samaria is not considered by many to be an “occupation”, even if it was, it certainly isn’t the world’s longest. There are many other military occupations far older than Israel’s including Russia’s occupation of the Kuril Islands from Japan in 1945.

Interpreting what he claims the message of the Palestinians is, Tlozek said that “Israel can make as many peace deals as it likes, but that doesn’t change the reality for us.’ How Palestinians are viewing Israel’s historic pacts with the UAE and Bahrain.”

The full interview can be seen below: