01 Dec, 2020

Gaza: Four Hamas terrorists accidentally blew themselves up while loading a rocket launcher aimed at Israel. The indecent took place at the Yarmouk terror camp, outside of Gaza City reports BTNews.

The four casualties were identified as members of the Islamic Jihad armed wing – ‘al-Quds’, whose sole mission is to kill Jewish Israelis.

Despite Jerusalem’s denial, Gazan media reported the backfire as an IDF strike.

Moments later, a graduation ceremony being held at the Islamic University in Gaza City was abruptly canceled, All those in attendance were asked to leave for unknown reasons.

Last week, the Hamas leadership went underground after PM Netanyahu and ministers suggested that Israel would resume the targeted elimination of senior terrorists.

On Monday, Israeli fighter jets and tanks hit Hamas terror targets in the southern Gaza Strip in response to hundreds of incendiary devices and firebombs tied to balloons launched by Muslim terrorists toward southern Israel.