27 Oct, 2020

After initial reports of mysterious seed packages from China and other countries in Asia spread throughout the US, Israel’s Agriculture and Rural Development Ministry cautioned of similar cases in the Jewish State reports the Jpost.

Although no one knows what the source is for these strange seed packages, the Agriculture and Rural Development Ministry said in a statement that the phenomenon recently reached Israel.

Aside from the US, other incidents of unidentified seed packages coming via mail from China were reported in both the United Kingdom and Portugal.

The ministry emphasized that the importation of seeds or other agricultural produce into Israel without  prior authorization is against the law as it can jeopardize local nature or carry diseases.

In case anyone receives an unidentified package containing seeds, they are asked to contact the Plant Protection and Inspection Services at once and under no circumstances should they try to plant it or to use it in anyway, the ministry added.

Simply throwing the seeds in the garbage is also not recommended. That’s because they can easily end up sprouting in a landfill or elsewhere causing potential environmental damage.