28 Oct, 2020

In a recent interview, Israel’s top Arab Expert Dr. Mordechai Kedar opined on the recent peace deal between Israel and the UAE on Tuesday.

During the interview, Kedar warned against over-celebrating the normalization agreement since the accord is still in its infancy stage of negotiations explaining that “Israel doesn’t really need the Arab world.”

Fearing Iran, the Emirates want Trump to stay in office for four more years. That’s because they know that Trump is a far greater enemy to Iran than Democratic hopeful Joe Biden. He added that a major benefit is that a peace deal between Arab states and Israel will to convince Jews, who traditionally vote Democrat to vote for Trump. And although the Jewish population of America isn’t that significant overall, in swing states like Florida, the Jewish vote can decide the election.

Mordechai Kedar (courtesy: Facebook)

Kedar is confident that a ceremony between the UAE and Israel will happen on the White House lawn “one week before the elections.” And although past Israel-Arab peace accords involved just two parties such as Egypt and Israel, Kedar predicts that there will be more Arab countries than just the Emirates involved in the ceremony which he says will be “extravagant.”

Kedar says that he wouldn’t be surprised if Oman and Saudi Arabia take part in the ceremony as well. “Imagine six presidents – Israel, United States, Saudi Arabia, Emirates, Oman and Bahrain standing together with twelve hands shaking together signing peace agreements on the lawn of the White House one week before the elections.What will it do to the Jewish voter in the United States of America?” he asked rhetorically.

Kedar explains that the Sunni Gulf States are so scared of Iran that they would sign a deal with the devil just to ensure Trump wins reelection in November saying: “If an agreement with Satan will make Trump stay in power, the Emirates and the Saudis and all the others in the Gulf will sign this agreement with the Satan himself.”

Kedar called Israel the “gate” for the Gulf states to Washington DC. He added that the timing of the UAE deal was no coincidence as it comes in the lead-up to the US elections.