27 Nov, 2020

After President Trump brokered a normalization of ties between Israel and the UAE, many from across the political spectrum hailed the historic agreement with some even recommending that Israeli premier Netanyahu, Trump and UAE Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed receive the Nobel Peace prize.

But seeing peace unfold between a key Gulf state and Jerusalem was apparently too much for some politicians to handle. And despite Netanyahu dropping his sovereignty ambitions to seal the deal, congresswoman Rashida Tlaib (D, MI). took to twitter blasting the accord saying: “We won’t be fooled by another Trump/Netanyahu deal. We won’t celebrate Netanyahu for not stealing land he already controls in exchange for a sweetheart business deal. The heart of the issue has never been planned, formal annexation, but ongoing, devastating apartheid.”

In an attempt to turn the historic agreement into an exclusively ‘Palestinian’ issue as well as an excuse to blast Israel, Tlaib said: “The focus needs to be on promoting solidarity between Palestinians & Israelis who are joining together in struggle to end an apartheid system. We must stand with the people. This Trump/Netanyahu deal will not alleviate Palestinian suffering—it will further normalize it.”

Israeli columnist and Judea-Samaria activist Yisrael Medad responded to the tweet saying: “The only land stolen was done by marauding invading Arabs who conquered the Land of Israel, the Jewish homeland, in the 7th century, called themselves Southern Syrians and in 1920s had to accept they are now “Palestinians”.