29 Nov, 2020

According to Ynet, since unemployment benefits have expired in June, thousands of Israelis who either lost their jobs or were placed on unpaid leave due to COVID-19 are finding themselves without full or even partial unemployment benefits. 

Since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic in Israel, close to one million Israelis lost their jobs or were placed on unpaid leave. The Jewish state’s economic crisis resulted in the highest unemployment rate they’ve seen in decades.

The expired emergency measures that were enacted over three months ago could place over 134,000 Israelis who were furloughed in March and April, without government assistance. Meanwhile, 128,000 others will receive only partial unemployment benefits.

“This is not a social experiment on a TV show, this is real life. If we don’t provide a safety net, hundreds of thousands of Israelis will fall below the poverty line,” said Welfare Minister Itzik Shmuli.

“We must not abandon them, we need to extend the unemployment benefits immediately and distribute grants to those aged 67 and over.”

But despite Shmuli’s pleas, Israel’s Finance Ministry has yet to formalize a plan to extend the benefits.

That’s why many struggling Israelis are turning to Meir Panim for help. 

For over a decade, Meir Panim has been Israel’s premier soup kitchen provider- serving Israel’s hungry with a warm meal each day. Their iconic Restaurant-Style Soup Kitchens are designed to look and feel like a restaurant which allows their clients to enjoy a wholesome meal in a dignified manner.

As Israel deals with a new wave of coronavirus cases, the demand for Meir Panim’s Meals-on-Wheels program continues to rise. Thousands of Israelis are in mandatory lockdown with no way to get food for their families. Additionally, the Meals-on-Wheels program allows our clients to receive meals without risking leaving their homes. 

Meir Panim is ready to deliver as many meals as needed. They’re just lacking one thing – funding. 

That’s why Meir Panim is asking you to donate whatever you can to help them in their mission of making sure no Israeli goes hungry. 

Please donate to Meir Panim today.