29 Nov, 2020

The daily protests taking place outside Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s residence in Jerusalem are being backed by former Prime Minister and Netanyahu’s political nemesis Ehud Barak reports Channel 13.

The protests, which sometimes turn violent, are funded by the ‘National Responsibility’ organization which is backed by Barak. And although he is no longer in politics, Barak is among Netanyahu’s most aggressive and outspoken rivals in the political arena.

Ehud Barak Israel’s former Prime and Defense Minister (Shutterstock)

Barak’s organization is organizing daily rallies outside the Prime Minister’s residence in Jerusalem as well as in Tel Aviv and other parts of Israel to exploit the indictments against Netanyahu in order to discredit him as Prime Minister.

Virginia Roberts Giuffre (screenshot)

Barak, who is a close associate of the late pedophile Jeffery Epstein, is also being accused of sleeping with Epstein’s underage madams. Virginia Roberts Giuffre had named Barak as one of several poerful men she was forced to have sex with by Jeffrey Epstein while she was a teen, the Miami Herald reported.

Former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak covers his face while entering Jeffery Epstein’s New York home in 2016 (screenshot)

Barak told Channel 13 that “The black flag protest is an exciting display of spontaneous civic awakening against the attempted coup.” He also denies Giuffre’s sex trafficking allegations.

Many of the protests devolved into violent riots as seen in the footage below: