Jun 22, 2021


As of Tuesday, over 800,000 people watched a speech given by Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan on the Fourth of July. The address was heavily promoted on music mogul Diddy’s “Revolt TV” YouTube channel.

During the speech, Farrakhan claimed that he, like Mohammed was poisoned by the Jews saying: ”

In Jewish tradition, in the Talmud, the way they recognize that you are really from God – they poison you. And if you withstand the poison and remain alive – that to them is the witness that you are from God. Prophet Muhammad, whom I dearly love, was fed some lamb laced with poison. He and some of the companions ate that lamb, and some of them fell very ill. The Prophet was ill too, but he survived the poison.” He added that “They attempted to kill me, non-violently, with radiated seed.

Farrakhan then blamed Israel for teaching American Police to kill black people saying: “You mayors, you governors, stop your police from going to Israel to learn how to kill better. Your days of killing us without consequences are over. You will pay a heavy, heavy price.”

But he wasn’t finished with Israel. Later in the speech, Farrakhan warned that God would destroy the Jewish state saying: “This is the technique that they use in Israel. Israel, let me tell you, your day is here now. You don’t have to applaud. The God of justice has something for you, Israel. You are troubling some waters and you won’t be there long, if God gets after you.”

The full speech can be seen below: