Sep 27, 2022
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IDF Shaked Battalion on the Gaza Border (Photo: IDF Flicker)

IDF Shaked Battalion on the Gaza Border (Photo: IDF Flicker)

A hidden explosive device planted next to the border fence with Gaza detonated early Wednesday morning as IDF soldiers carried out patrols along the border. The blast caused damage to a patrol vehicle but caused no serious injuries.

The IDF confirmed that a vehicle took a direct hit from the improvised explosive device while conducting a “routine mission” near the southern part of the border.

In a statement, the army said that IDF forces responded immediately by opening fire on “suspicious positions” in Gaza. Forces suspected the presence of terrorists who were waiting to survey the effects of the blast.


In a second incident on Wednesday, three mortar shells were fired at IDF security personnel working on the Gazan side of the border. The soldiers were in central Gaza uncovering yet another series of terror tunnels which are frequently used by terrorists to smuggle weapons in and out of the Gaza Strip.

Wednesday’s attacks are the latest in a long history of violence perpetrated by Gazan terrorists. In April, terrorist detonated a bomb near the border fence, causing no injuries. In March, two hidden roadside bombs were discovered and neutralized before they could be detonated.

With the signing of the unity agreement between Hamas and the Palestinian Authority in late April, terror attacks against Israel are slowly increasing. Hamas has declared that despite any agreement it may make with other factions, the terrorist organization will continue “armed” and violent resistance against Israel.